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Chakra Balancing

The seven chakra centers are spiritual energetic points in the body that affect our overall being. When one or more of the centers is out of tune, or blocked, this can create problems in our physical, emotional and mental states.

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Patti begins the full session with applying 7 Essential Oils using Young Living’s Reflex Technique to the spine reflex point on the foot.

Patti utilizes the Neutral Pendulum during her chakra clearing and balancing sessions. Neutral is one of the best pendulums for clearing and balancing chakras.

The ball comes in three sizes: 4, 5 and 6 cm. in diameter. The seven colors of the chakra system and Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red,White and Black are located on the string according to their wavelength. It is used to send as well as receive colors.

This pendulum can also be used to research colors that are released by shapes, objects etc. The black color of the ball allows the vibrations to be sent in their purest form without the interference of any other colors.

Neutral Pendulum is sometimes called the “Simplified Universal Pendulum.”

neutral pendulum.jpg Neutral Pendulum

Super-Isis has the same qualities and works the same way as the regular Isis Pendulum but with additional strength due to the increased number of rings (amplifiers). It is available with '6', '7' or '8' rings. The additional rings provide more amplification of energy down the shaft of the Pendulum, which is particularly beneficial when used for therapeutic treatments.

Super-Isis pendulum also carry the energetic and spiritual qualities of the numbers themselves therefore:

Super-Isis '7' is very effective for long distance healing and is much more sensitive to picking up vibrations when working from a witness that may be old or worn out (eg. when working from a very old picture)

Golden Hue pendulum is one of the most advanced pendulums with therapeutic abilities. Golden Hue is able to radiate frequency of Gold (Higher Harmonic of Gold) as well as recognize the presence of vibration of Gold.

Golden Hue is very effective healing (or therapeutic) pendulum in addressing any health issue, enhancement of energy of places and checking vibration of any object. It can be successfully used for basic work such as: asking questions, searching better solutions, checking food, cosmetics etc.for allergy, checking compatibility between people and much more.

Vibration of Gold, which Golden Hue is radiating, is the highest vibration known. It is way above the frequency of White, therefore may be used for various health, environmental and relationship problems. Based on Sacred Geometry this simply looking pendulum with high emission of Gold is helpful to:

Balance the chakras system (main and secondary as well as above and under our physical body)

Over-writing harmful vibrations such as Negative Green, EMF etc. for health and environmental purposes

Raise the frequency of any place (home, store, office etc.) so it will vibrate Gold

Infuse the frequency of Gold into your and others body, food, supplements, wardrobe, objects etc.

Surround yourself and your place with the protective shield of Golden energy

Positively influence relationships, individuals, check and correct compatibility between people through erasing problem and

counteract karmic “duties” and much, much more.

Golden-Hue.JPG Golden Hue

  • the information about the Pendulums mentioned above come from Alicja Centre of Well-Being http://www.intuitivedowsing.com/

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